We are a company of book professionals based in Brisbane and beautiful books are our passion.
Our mission is to offer book authors a creative experience of independent book publishing.

We encourage authors to share their works. Our goal is to help them get their books onto the market, avoiding traps and mistakes in the process.

If you're looking for a way to publish your manuscript* while retaining full control over the entire process and keeping 100% of the sales profits, then you can be a self-publishing author and Favoryta is just for you!
*Manuscript: Favoryta accepts manuscripts in Microsoft Word .DOC and .DOCX formats. Please do not format the paragraphs of the manuscript, and do not introduce double-line spacing. You can insert images in the text file, or mark the places where they should be located with the image file indicator, providing inserting images into text function is enabled. In any case, please upload additional images as separate files.

Favoryta accounts are free and are granted indefinitely. To self-publish your book, simply use our free e-book creator, or to purchase books from the Favoryta Bookstore you will need to register a Favoryta account. For more information about Favoryta accounts, just go to FAQ/ Account.

After purchasing one of the Publishing packages your new book publishing project is open. You will have to fill out BOOK DATA and DESIGN BRIEF forms and then you will be able to start the publishing process. During this process you will collaborate closely with our Team. We will be working with you entirely online, which means that from your Author's Account you will be ordering tasks on your project and after completion the Favoryta Team will be delivering the completed result. And all that takes place on Favoryta's online publishing platform. It sounds complex – but it is not! Our system is designed with the aim to be comfortable and easy for Authors.

Participating in the book design process gives authors a unique creative experience. If desired, authors can order additional editorial help, or a technical support or custom illustration service. Author is the one who has a vision – we are only helping to deliver it! The purpose of opening the book publishing project is commercial distribution of your book.
Soon after the author approves his/her book for publication and determines the book’s Retail price the book will be available in the Favoryta Bookstore. For more information about Favoryta’s book publishing projects, just have a look at the FAQ/ Publishing packages.

We offer authors a unique experience with our e-book creation tool, and it's free! E-books are hosted for 3 months in Favoryta’s digital library. Your e-book may be shared as a link, viewed from the author’s account, or deleted by the author at any time. After 3 months, the free e-books are deleted from our system. The author may access the e-book viewing stats in the Author Account/ My e-books section.
For more information about Favoryta’s free e-book system, please check out the FAQ/Free e-book creator.

1. ABS: In the 2006 census, 3798 people identified their primary occupation as author, but a 2007 study by ABS estimated that some 244,000 people, (about 1% of the Australian population), were engaged in writing books.

2. The New York Times reported that according to a recent survey, 81% of people feel that they have a book in them and should actually write it. This represents over 200 million people in the U.S. who want to write a book in their lifetime!

3. US research shows that 75% of titles released are published by a small press or self-publishers and that this amount is growing due to development and common use of POD technology. Half of all books are not sold in bookstores. They are merchandised via mail order, online, through book clubs, etc. And this in turn leads us to online worldwide distribution channels. 75% of book sellers identified the look and design of the book cover as the most important component in its marketing success.
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