In order to self-publish with Favoryta, you will need to:

1. Be logged in, 

2. Order one of our PUBLISHING PACKAGES,

3. Fill out a BOOK DATA form which will open after you purchase the package,

4. Fill out a DESIGN BRIEF form, available from your Author's Account,

5. Follow theALERT communication system,

6. Set up your book’s Retail Price (including your Revenue), and that’s it! Simply start selling your book.

7. Having started a self-publishing project you may at any time order additional services including:
- creating customized illustrations,
- designing Author's marketing materials,
- technical support for handling digital files,
- digital formatting to various e-book formats and vice versa,
- printing any number of copies (POD),
- editing, proofreading and translations,
- book writing help (experienced writer's assistance).

Our  enables you to produce an e-book from your manuscript in .DOCX instantly.

You may select cover image, font size and character for the cover as well as the e-book interior. Your e-book will be stored in our online library. You may access it there at any time and share as a link during a period of three months while the file is stored in the library. You can manage your e-book and even monitor the number of its unique viewers from your Author's Account.

To create your Free e-book you must be registered with the Favoryta website. 
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