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P R E S S   R O O M

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Stan Tream 
(Stanislaw Tremtiaczy)


Stan Tream: "After 40 years of experience both as a teacher, trainer, physiotherapist taking active part in nutrition changes and evolution of modern medicine; I believe that I have come to understand the methods which can be used to delay or improve the process of ageing through physical activity, exercise, balanced diet and mental activity. (...) To my knowledge, the method of execution of exercises for ageing people has not been described at this level of detail in any other book. (...) Improving physical fitness for senior individuals relies on endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and mental activity."

Smoky, a children's story by
Teresa Mastey-Dziopa.
The e-book and paperback is available here.


These are the characters in this story:
A dog called Sky who wants to be a detective.
A cat called Eddie who loves to climb trees.
A slow teddy bear called Spotty who tells everyone that he is not a tortoise.
A kangaroo called Smoky who lives in a zoo.

"It was a beautiful day and as I was walking through the zoo, I met a kangaroo named Smoky. She was a very cheeky and mischievous animal. She was not tall, but when she stood up she doubled in size. She always wanted to know what was happening in other parts of the zoo, and she was very curious to find out what the other animals looked like. However, mostly she wondered if the other animals would like her, and whether they would want to become her friends. In her mind, she imagined herself and the other animals happily playing games together after the zoo closed (...)"


"Antypody" a novel by Joanna Rakowicz.
Language: Polish. Book is available here

Canberra based Polish poet, Aleksander S. Pęczalski, has just released his book "Okruchy"(Crumbs). Okruchy is a volume of poetry and autobiography. Language: Polish.
Book is available here


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Janina & Marian Brzeziński have just released their book:

Dzieje Naszej Rodziny. 
The Saga of our Family.
This book is a testimony made by the post-World War II migrants settled in Western Australia (Displaced Persons – DP testimony).
The book is in Polish and English, and includes many historical photos and documents in b/w.

The first chapter pages can be viewed here
Book is available here

We have pleasure to inform you that 'Moja Emigracja – My Migration' book has just been catalogued in The National Library of Australia  here

It appears, that without any financial support from anyone, just with moral support from DEEWR, media patronage, and  thanks to collective effort of many authors and jury members, a unique book has been published, and we, as portal dedicated to self-publishing, have proved that anyone – if they really want – can publish own book.

We welcome you to listen to the audio book (in Polish) with the winning story 'Nowy Świat' (New World) authored by Marian Brzeziński here

This story is a First Price Winner in My Migration writing competition for polish migrants to Australia. The audio book (recorded and edited by Andrzej Siedlecki in Amaroo Studio / Sydney) is an Award founded by Andrzej Siedlecki – Polish actor, book author, and lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney. The winning story with other 20 works has been released in a book, which is available here

We welcome you to have a look at the preview of Moja Emigracja / My Migration book.
Please click on this link.
The book as paperback is available from our online bookstore.
We are very proud and happy:-))

Interview in Radio SBS from June 6, 2012 about our Portal here (in Polish).

Radio SBS interview about "My Migration"
competition and the book, here (in Polish).
The book is to be released late in June.

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